People Are Eating! People Are Talking!

Here’s a small taste of what makes our New York City walking and food tours stand out from all the rest.

We enjoyed a very informative tour of Grand Central, led by Ben. The tour actually started out with a bagel! I’ve visited many times, but never had a guided tour and learned lots of interesting facts and several “secrets” about Grand Central. Look forward to going on some of their other tours, particularly the Lower East Side. Via Trip Advisor

Cynti D. Texas

Great tour my husband and I took yesterday in Grand Central. We live in town and been through there many times. Ben was very informative and shared a new light on the building and its history. This tour is for everyone. Thanks Ben. Via Yelp

Shelly A.

This is a really fun and informative tour of an area even a lot of diehard New Yorkers don’t know that much about. With all kinds of great food along the way. Highly recommended! Via Yelp

Rick M.

This is the real NY deal, and it’s more entertaining than most Off-Broadway shows! This guy’s a born & bred New Yorker with genuine insider insights and perspectives. You get to see, feel, and literally taste your way through neighborhoods, landmarks, and historical events. For out-of-towners and New Yorkers alike, Ben’s Bagel Tour is a must-do experience! Via Yelp

Howard F.

Wandering around the LES was a lovely way to spend a Sunday – and it’ll be even better now that the weather’s warming up. Ben, who has been running these sorts of tours across the city for 2 years, was easy company as well as a learned guide.. “Today’s The Day I…” Food Blogger.

Ben was wonderful!  Very knowledgeable and weaves interesting stories with all the facts. Very worthwhile – the bagels were delicious, too!  Ben is a New York City treasure – we will be taking more tours from him.  Thank you, Ben! Via Yelp

Teresa B

We were met by the knowledgeable Ben who walked, talked, and fed us throughout the tour. We learned both the history of the area and the flavors and tastes as well. It was a fun time and we will try other tours of his in the future! Via Yelp

Robert C.

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