Mile End Deli


I recently went to the Mile End Deli in Brooklyn to try their Montreal style pastrami or what they call cured beef. Unlike the more common NY style, it is a bit drier and has a taste the combines the garlicy and salty taste of both pastrami and corned beef. The restaurant itself is on Hoyt Street off of Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn and an easy subway ride from Manhattan. It consists of 4 tables and a six seat counter at which I sat because there was only one seat available when I arrived. It was smaller than I expected but nicely laid out. In front of the counter was the actual kitchen where sandwiches and dishes were prepared by two hardworking kitchen aides.

I was quickly served up my order and the first thing I noticed was that, unlike NY style delis, they don’t heap on the meat. The sandwich is slightly easier to eat (your mouth easily fits around the rye bread holding the cured beef in place). Along with it, I ordered a side of potato salad which was more like German potato salad with large chunks of red potatoes cut up with a creamy dill mixture.

All in all, it was a nice experience and one that all should try to see what other styles of deli can be found in New York. One more note. To keep with the Montreal food style, the owners of Mile End order their bagels from Black Seed, the Montreal style bagel shop in Nolita.

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Eating at the Mile End Delicatessen

Eating at the Mile End Delicatessen

I finally got the chance to eat Montreal style pastrami/cured beef at the now famous Mile End Delicatessen. It's located on Hoyt Street off of Atlantic Avenue...